Photos of the Pack Wheel on the Trail.

• Hunting Photos of Pack Wheel (blood and dead critters)

Here are various photos of the Pack Wheel in prepartion for use or while out in the mountains hiking and hunting. To view the most up to date photos browse our Instagram page.


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Teenage hiker with 26 inch XL Pack Wheel in Backcountry Four loaded Pack Wheel carts in backcountry
Young child hiking with camping gear on a 20 inch extra small Pack Wheel. Ypung hiker navigating a narrow bridge with a Pack Wheel
Four wheel sizes of Pack Wheel carts. Young Pack Wheel hikers in backcountry.
Young child hiking with camping gear on the Pack Wheel. Muzzleloader deer hunting with a Pack Wheel
A young hiker with a small handle length Pack Wheel out on the trail. Youth and smaller framed adults can carry their own share of camping equipment thanks to the Pack Wheel. Ready to haul a deer off the mountian while hunting for mule deer during the Utah muzzleloader season.
Backpacking with bicycle panniers on a Pack Wheel. Pack Wheel single wheeled game cart strapped to top of backpack.

Backpacking with bicycle panniers on a Pack Wheel... or is it really backpacking? Maybe hiking with a Pack Wheel or... maybe Packwheeling.

Elk Hunting in a non-wilderness area of the Unita Mountains in 2010 with a prototype Pack Wheel® strapped to the top of an external frame backpack. Ready to haul an elk off the mountain without any help or extra trips thanks to the Pack Wheel. Read more about this elk hunt.
Camo Pack Wheel Game Cart Collapsed Camo Pack Wheel

This extra large 20" Pack Wheel is sporting some camo duct tape. This Pack Wheel was camoed up in preparation for elk season by Derek an avid hunter in Colorado.

Another view of the extra large 20" Pack Wheel with camo duct tape applied to the frame.

Camping gear on the Pack Wheel. A colapsed Pack Wheel strapped to a backpack.

Axiom Cartier DLX panniers with Alps Chaos tent and other gear on the Pack Wheel

View of a colapsed large handle length Pack Wheel strapped to the back of a Jansport backpack.

View more photos showing the Pack Wheel in action hunting big game (some photos will show harvested animals and bloody panniers)

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