Pack Wheel Frame Sizes and Models

• e-Pack Wheel™ (patent pending)

• 20/24 Compact Sized Pack Wheels

• 26/27.5+/29er Standard Sized Pack Wheels

• Rogue™ 36 Pack Wheel

• Pack Wheel User Sizing Chart

Pack Wheels come in three different frame sizes.
  • The Compact frame we offer with a 20 or 24-inch wheel. This frame has one pannier attachment rail on each side. The compact versions weigh around 10 lbs give or take a few ounces. This version is great for young kids, small ladies and works well for airline approved luggage sizing. Compact frames come with 160mm brake rotors.
  • The Standard frame we offer with 26, 27.5+ fat tires, and 29-inch wheels. This frame has two pannier attachment rails on each side. The standard versions weigh around 12-13 lbs give or take a few ounces. This is our all-around most popular sizes, which are great for rougher terrain. Performance Series comes with 160mm rotors. Signature Series comes with 203mm brake rotors for increased braking power.
  • The e-Pack Wheel is a variation of the Standard frame with added features to accommodate the electric motor and high powered Lithium Ion battery. e-Pack Wheels come with 27.5+ fat tires.
  • The Rogue frame we offer with a 36" wheel. This frame has three pannier attachment rails on each side. The Rogue weighs right at 17.5 lbs. This bad boy is insane at how smooth it rolls over everything, it's awesome in snow, has great brush clearance. The Rogue is a really tall frame and wheel which is best suited for operators that are 5'10" and taller. Rogue frames come with 203mm brake rotors for increased braking power.
Handle Lengths: If you are in doubt on what size to get, we recommend going with the larger of the two sizes you are considering. Either size will be comfortable however generally having a handle a little longer is more comfortable than having a shorter handle especially on steep descents.
Wheel Sizing: The 20" wheel is lighter, takes less space to store and is less expensive, while the 24" wheel rolls better over obstacles and is better suited for rougher terrain. 26/29er wheels roll even better over obstacles and the benefits of this size are best utilized in steep uphill and off-trail travel. The Rogue 36 is the best option for rough terrain and travel in deep snow.

Here's a photo showing from front to back of 20, 24, 26, and 29-inch wheels on the small and medium Pack Wheel frames. Use the links above to view more of each frame and wheel size.

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