What is the carry weight of the Pack Wheel?

Pack Wheel carts weigh between 8 lbs. 10 oz.. and 17 lbs. 11 oz. depending on the version and the size of the handle. We have built the cart with the finest materials to provide the ultimate, no compromise, ultra-light hiking cart system. We have worked hard to get a balance between the expense of components and materials used, to get the strongest, lightest cart at a price that isn't astronomical.

For more precise weights for each size go to the purchase page.

The 26/29 inch wheel versions come with heavy duty, Schwalbe, Snake Skin tubeless ready tires. For the gear head setting these wheels up tubeless is not hard and will save you approximately nine more ounces in weight.

The meat hauling Pack Wheel Panniers weigh just two pounds and can hold 200 lbs of boned out meat or even large moose quarters.

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