What is the weakest area on the Pack Wheel?

Short Answer: There is no "weak link" in the system. 

Here's a longer explanation on the strength of the design: The DIY Hunter has been avidly using and perfecting his Pack Wheel design since 2008. Packing out an average of two elk per year on the Pack Wheel. A lot has been learned about how to make the system lightweight yet very strong. At the same time Pack Wheels are ultra-light systems made from aluminum. Aluminum can be bent if someone tries to bend it. If you take care of your Pack Wheel and follow our warranty guidelines you will enjoy a lifetime of Pack Wheel adventures.

Although not a "weak link" in our system the elbow where the frame meets with the handle stem we have found to be the area that has the greatest amount of stress placed through it. You simply can't have a single piece of aluminum tubing make this bend as it will not handle the stress of hauling a boned out elk out of the rough backcountry. This is why we reinforce this area with a extra piece of aluminum that is angling across this elbow reinforcing the area.


Here's a view of the transition from the handle to the frame on the Pack Wheel. This is one inch square tubing with a quarter inch flat bar 6061 aluminum welded across this elbow. During @diyhntr prototype testing from 2008 to 2012 we learned that this elbow from the handle to the frame is the area that is placed under the highest amount of stress. Also, the higher the weight is placed, the greater the forces are amplified through this elbow. For those who haven't used a Pack Wheel let me illustrate this stress. When coming down a really steep mountain with a whole elk boned out on the Pack Wheel, imagine rolling over a two foot drop off. The heavy load will be centered forward of the wheel making the cart want to tip over forward unless you lower the handle, pulling back against this forward weight like using a pry bar. Now, repeatedly do this over rocks for a few miles with this heavy load. You will add to this stress in even greater force by holding back your own weight by leaning on the handle in the steep terrain. Leaning on the handle in the steep terrain comes naturally and is a total #kneesaver making pack outs very enjoyable. This elbow would bend and break unless it's reinforced like we have done on all of our production Pack Wheels from our 2012 launch of the Pack Wheel business. #100percentproven #lifetimewarranty #nocompromises #designedforstrength #yearsofexperience #tested #packwheel #proven #realdeal #laboroflove #helpingothersenjoylife #highestquality #hikinggear #hiking #gearjunkielife

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