Why only one wheel, wouldn't two wheels be better?

I think this is the most asked question we get. Why people think you need a second wheel to keep a load upright and balanced, we aren't quite sure. Have you ever operated a wheelbarrow? The Pack Wheel is similar to operating a wheelbarrow except it is even easier to operate and balance with virtually all the weight balanced over the wheel. Also, having a disc brake system offers wonderful control on slopes and in adverse conditions.

Two wheels are great when you have flat, road sized trail to move them along. With a single wheel and a well balanced and secured on load, the Pack Wheel is very easy to maneuver along even the narrowest of trails and terrain. With the single wheel it is easy to maintain an upright position without having to fight to keep the cart from tipping over as you would with a two wheeled cart crossing a sloped trail or encountering a rock in the trail that one wheel can't make it around.

You can watch some GoPro video showing the Pack Wheel loaded with camping gear navigating various scenarios along a single track trail.

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