I just assembled my Pack Wheel and the handles appear to be too long. Do I need a shorter handle?

If you have a Pack Wheel in the range of height sizes listed on the website the handle length is correct. This is a very common question of owners who take it out of the box for the first time before loading it up and using it.

Load the cart up with some weight then try going down stairs and imagine trying to lower your arms even lower with a shorter handle to keep the weight from wanting to tip the Pack Wheel over forward. Try going up a steep incline, you will also notice that you lower your arms to get weight off the wheel and onto your arms so that you can bump it over rocks etc.

Remember this is not a traditional wheelbarrow. When the cart is loaded you are not carrying any weight in your arms so having your arms bent is not uncomfortable as it would be with a traditional wheelbarrow. With a Pack Wheel you’re just holding on steering and balancing. With the handles the length suggested on the purchase page, it gives you the leverage to keep the weight balanced going up, down, over and around. You will lose this leverage with a shorter handle.

Another thing to think about is that the frame doesn’t have to be perfectly level to operate. If the cart is angled back when you are hiking it still will operate just as well. In fact you won’t even notice or pay any attention to the angle of the Pack Wheel, you will just be steering away enjoying how easy it is to carry a load.

With a shorter handle you will lose your ability to lower the handle far enough to get the wheel to bump over rocks and logs etc. With a shorter handle coming down inclines you will be straining your back bending over trying to keep the Pack Wheel from tipping over forward. Also, if you need to bump over a log while you are coming downhill with the shorter handle it’s even more uncomfortable to lower the handle far enough to get the weight rocked back onto the handle to bump it over the log.

Below is a photo that shows that the optimal handle lengths generally have the operator's elbows bent around a 45° angle when at rest.


Just crawling into my sleeping bag. Dallen and I put some miles and vertical feet in tonight. We are in a great spot right now to hopefully find some elk the last two days of the Utah #muzzleloader elk hunt. I'm taking a stroll back through memory lane. I am hunting the area I first used the Pack Wheel back in 2008. I archery elk hunted this area 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2007 I stuck a little 5 point around 6 miles in. Thankfully my good friend @ferryboater saved me with spending a whole day coming in with his horses to haul the meat off the mountain. Prior to this I had already been sketching ideas for a wheel to be ultra-light, collapsible, and have a good braking system to haul bone out meat off the mountain. This was the final straw for me to start working on building just a system. By the next year in 2008 I had my first prototype with me in the canyon I'm in right now. Dreaming of big bulls tonight. Good night. @diyhntr #memorylane #packwheel #diyhunting #elkhunting #utahhunting #outdoorlife #outdoors #hunting #getoutdoors #getoutside #kneesaver #hikinggear #hiking #mountainlife #huntutah

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