Does it get tiring or annoying holding onto the handles on long treks?

A: With a load well balanced on each side of the Pack Wheel it isn't all that different than holding onto the handles of a bike while riding. If you are going up a really steep incline you will use your arm muscles some as you push the load up the incline. Other than using your arm muscles on really steep inclines your arms are pretty much just holding on for the ride so to speak — like riding a bike.

While using the Pack Wheel you have a third contact point with the ground at all times. Having this third contact point greatly enhances your balance. With the use of the disc brake you are much more stable hiking with the Pack Wheel than without. It's like having a walking stick on the ground at all times. Your knees will also greatly enjoy the descents as you use the disc brake to hold back the cart and also some of your own weight.

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