Will bicycle panniers work on the Pack Wheel?

  Backpacking with bicycle panniers on a Pack Wheel. Backpacking with bicycle panniers on a Pack Wheel... or is it really backpacking? Maybe hiking with a Pack Wheel or maybe Packwheeling.

Yes. The Pack Wheel is designed so that cycling panniers can easily be mounted to the sides. Cycling panniers mount directly to a side bar on each side of the cart. We recommend no more than 30 lbs per pannier be mounted directly to these bars via cycling panniers. This 30 pound restriction is for Axiom and other panniers that have the top mounting brackets very close to one another. With width adjusting mounting brackets like are found on many Ortlieb panniers, weights approaching 50 pounds per pannier can be carried. The brackets on the Ortlieb panniers can be adjusted much wider thus dispersing the weight of the load into the v-frame of the Pack Wheel.  Pack Wheel specific panniers are designed to hold the weight directly on the v-frame of the cart thus allowing them to hold much greater weights (up to 75 lbs. per side). Pack Wheel panniers are primarily designed to haul heavy game meat.

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