What is the best way to cross obstacles with the Pack Wheel?

We recommend that you always face the cart when hauling a load. Facing the cart allows you the ability to navigate the cart around and over obstacles. The cart works best when pushed behind like operating a wheelbarrow. Even on a steep trail, and hauling a heavy load, it is usually best to push the cart forward, grab the brake and step up to the cart, then push it forward again. On an extremely steep trail or going over a log or rock, turn the cart around and while facing the Pack Wheel pull it towards yourself bringing the Pack Wheel up and over the obstacle, using the brake as needed to hold your position, maintaining stability and control. The video below shows a couple of examples of crossing over downed trees.

With lighter loads, say 50 pounds or less, here is another way to quickly cross over obstacles.  Push the Pack Wheel so it is resting against the obstacle then grab the brake. Place one of your feet under the back of the wheel. Now lift the wheel with your foot at the same time you lift up on the handles while pushing it over the obstacle. This technique is fast and works great with lighter loads.

Another tip is to lower the handle near to the ground right as you push the Pack Wheel over a rock or other smaller obstacle.

Do not try to force the Pack Wheel over an obstacle it won't easily roll over. Beating the Pack Wheel against an obstacle without using one of the lifting methods could cause the handle to bend voiding your warranty.

If you have a buddy to assist with the Pull Yoke attachement obsticles can be crossed quicker.

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