What's the story behind the Pack Wheel and who came up with the idea?

For many years I (Brady Smith - The DIY Hunter) wasn't happy with anything on the market that could help me on my do-it-yourself hunting adventures. I wanted something light enough to carry and strong enough to haul a boned out mule deer or elk back off the mountain in a single trip. I hate to burden someone else to ask them for help and I wanted to get off the mountain as quickly as possible to make sure the meat doesn't spoil.

Although the original idea of the Pack Wheel was for my hunting adventures I found with a few modifications the Pack Wheel makes carry your camping gear amazingly easy. It completely changes how easy and pain free it is to haul a bunch of camping gear in what would have required backpacking. Youth and smaller framed adults can also carry their own share of camping equipment thanks to the Pack Wheel.

After several years of tinkering with ideas and testing various prototypes of the Pack Wheel I wanted to help others in their outdoor adventures with the Pack Wheel. For a complete detailed history of the development of the Pack Wheel visit the Pack Wheel History page.

Here's the first video I made using a prototype in September of 2011 hauling a mule deer off the mountain. 

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