Will the Pack Wheel carry deer, antelope, elk or moose quarters?

Yes. We recommend boning out the meat to save on the amount of weight to pack out but quarters will fit in our Meat Panniers nicely. With the Pack Wheel Meat Panniers you can carry quarters of a deer or antelope in the panniers on the sides of the Pack Wheel frame. Our preference with any large game is to take a little more time boning out the meat to lighten your load for a neat/tidy load less likely to get caught in brush and other obstacles.

Moose quarters are shown in the photo below.


Brady @diyhntr, I didn’t get to use the Pack Wheel on the archery elk hunt but was fortunate to use it on my friend’s moose hunt. He didn’t want to bone it out and wanted to keep the hooves to make a gun rack. So we dropped the ENTIRE quarters in and strapped it up. It performed magnificently! We had about a 1 mile downhill pack out through a string of meadows. It was totally effortless and was perfectly balanced. I will recommend the Pack Wheel to all outdoors enthusiasts I know. I could see that a steep uphill climb would be a challenge but mostly being a solo hunter I tend to hunt uphill 90% of the time.  This product gives me the utmost confidence that I can get an animal out of the backcountry by myself with no issues. Thank you! Dale - Colorado Thank you for sharing this with us Dale! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #moosehunting #moose #packwheel #diyhunting #hunting #outdoorlife #outdoors #kneesaver #backsaver #whatgetsyououtdoors #getoutside #getoutdoors #solohunt

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