How do you prevent flats?

Every Pack Wheel has a tire liner placed between the tire and tube to help prevent sharp objects from puncturing the tube. Additionally every Pack Wheel comes with an "emergency kit" which includes a lightweight tire pump, patch kit, and tire lever. There is no guarantee that the tire liner will prevent a flat.  Be prepared by taking your emergency kit and any other items you feel would best help you in the event of a flat on the trail.

26/29er versions of the Pack Wheel come with the highest quality Schwalbe tubeless ready tires. Running your Pack Wheel tubeless will lower the Pack Wheels weight around nine ounces from removing the tube and tire liner. Running tubeless also provides absolute superior protection against flats. A bike shop can help you setup your Pack Wheel to run tubeless or using the inexpensive Gorilla Tape Tubeless Conversion has worked very well for us. We have had great success using Gorilla tape, Stans No Tubes 35mm Presta Universal Valve Stems, Panaracer Presta to Schrader Valve Nuts and Stan's tire sealant to get tubeless setup.

If you do run your Pack Wheel tubeless we do recommend taking your tube with your emergency kit when you are out on the trail as a extra precaution. Also keeping your setup properly maintain with plenty of tire sealant. Additional tire sealant needs to be added every 2-6 months. Follow the recommendations from the sealant manufacture.

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