Are Pack Wheel frames colored or bare aluminum?

Pack Wheel frames prior to 2019 were bare aluminum. Starting in 2019 almost all Pack Wheel frames are powder coated black. A couple of exceptions that are still bare aluminum is our Custom Shop models, which are the Compact and Rogue frames.

For the care of bare aluminum frames note that the aluminum will create it's own dull oxidized protective finish over time. Make sure you keep your Pack Wheel clean and store it in a clean, dry location to ensure the aluminum will not oxidize beyond this thin outer layer. Making sure you keep your Pack Wheel clean and stored in a clean, dry location is also good advice for our powder coated frames as well.

Those of you who have a bare aluminum framed Pack Wheel you may choose to paint the Pack Wheel frame whatever color you would like. If you do so, make sure you get the special aluminum primer or the paint will not adhere properly.


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