Can an electric motor be used to power the Pack Wheel?

Yes. We have had customers that have converted their Pack Wheel to have an electric motor.

2017 MOTOR UPDATE: The DIY Hunter has been testing a low-speed high torque motorized system that has been working awesome at powering loads right up the mountain in ease. Learn more about the high power motorized system on The DIY Hunter's blog. This new improved motorized system is on track to be available to purchase in January of 2018. The Motorized Pack Wheel is here.


We have tested the Pack Wheel with an electric hub style motor at great lengths in the summer of 2015. This style of motor operates at too high of speed for walking, lacks in power and frequently would just stop working. It's a simple solution but not the right solution to have the torque needed to climb steep terrain with heavy loads.

From our testing, we do not recommend ebike hub style motors for a Pack Wheel. After testing these motors a few times we haven't used them again. It has been easier to go up the mountain without the motor than deal with the frustration of it. The hub motors are just geared way too fast for hiking, are heavy and repeatedly stop functioning for 10 plus minutes at a time from overheating. These motors are designed to assist an already moving bicycle at a much higher rate of speed that walking speeds. Imagine only having fourth gear in your car and the stress you would place on the transmission trying to start up a hill in fourth gear. This causes the motors to overheat and stop functioning. If you do get it moving you have to literally run up the hill with it to keep the motor assisting you. It’s exhausting. 

We are looking at other much more reliable, lighter and more powerful motor options for the Pack Wheel in the future.

Below is an image from the summer of 2015 out testing these motors. You can also watch videos and read about testing the ebike hub style motors on The DIY Hunter blog

View the History of the Pack Wheel for more detail on the testing and development of the right motorized system for the Pack Wheel.

The single wheeled Pack Wheel game cart with a hub style ebike motor

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