If using the Pack Wheel is as easy as you say it is, why have we not seen a cart designed like this sooner?

This one makes us laugh a little but we really have people saying this.

After many years designing and testing carts to come up with Pack Wheel we found that the basic concept with weight balanced on the sides of the wheel had been around for a long time known as the Chinese Wheelbarrow.  The Chinese have been carrying heavy loads over long distances with this system for who knows how many years. So, the Chinese beat us to the concept, we just used the same concept to make the first modern day Chinese Wheelbarrow, designed to be ultra-light, collapsible and go in much more rugged mountainous terrain.

The system really does work very well in a variety of terrains. Check out the Testimonials to see what our customers are saying about their Pack Wheels.

Pack Wheel - First Modern Day Chinese Wheelbarrow

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