Mule Deer Hunting with Two Daughters in Idaho

Girls hauling mule deer off the mountain with a single wheeled Pack Wheel game cart

Nov. 2016: I made a video review of the Pack Wheel and my experience with it on a deer hunt in October. We packed out two deer quite a long distance and it was great! I really enjoyed the process as did my girls. We had a wonderful hunt. I also took it two other times on an elk hunt and we did shoot one 2 year old cow elk and packed the entire thing out in one trip a little over a mile through some pretty steep and nasty stuff. Unfortunately we shot the elk right at dark and packed it out two hours after dark so we didn't get any footage of using the Pack Wheel loaded with the elk. I still have one elk tag left on a depredation hunt in January and probably won't need the Pack Wheel for that but if I do I'll be sure to post a follow up.

Thanks, Austin -- Idaho


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