Scouting Trips — Extending the Distance With The Pack Wheel

Here are some thoughts and photos of the Pack Wheel from Derek a hard hunter in Colorado. He purchased a large Pack Wheel with a 20" wheel in the Fall of 2012. In the spring of 2013 he added a 24" wheel option.

May 2013

Here's a video from yesterday and today's scouting trip.

My hunting buddy Zach and I set off to scout our area.  The Pack Wheel helped us expand our hunting range.  After climbing to a known spring in dry country, we filled 6, 1 gallon jugs and loaded them on the Pack Wheel as well.  Going the distance we did, with the extra weight we had in water, was only possible with the aid of the Pack Wheel.  

It was a great weekend!  The Pack Wheel performed amazingly!  Without a doubt, the 24 inch wheel made this trip possible!  The bigger the wheel, the greater the advantage in rough, off trail travel.

Derek (self proclaimed Pack Wheel "Pro-Staffer" — hmm... he and Zach do make for great Pro-Staff)


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