26/27.5+/29er Standard Sized Pack Wheels

The 26/27.5+/29er versions of the Pack Wheel are ideal for off trail and going uphill. The large wheel's angle of attack on obstacles really helps in traversing obstacles easier.

This version offers two pannier mounting bars at different heights on each side of the frame. It also works well with larger, taller panniers like Axiom Randonnee Aero 60 liter panniers.

Like with bicycles, not everyone is suited for using such a tall wheel. Individuals that are 5'8" and taller are best suited to take advantage of the large wheel on this Pack Wheel.

This Pack Wheel is taller with a higher center of gravity than on the 20-24" version. We recommend using tall panniers and placing your water and other heavy items as low as you can in the panniers. In doing so you lower the center of gravity making balancing the Pack Wheel easier. The lower you can get the weight the more enjoyable your hike will be.

The DIY Hunter Signature Series Pack Wheel 26/29er comes with a custom build heavy duty 36 spoke wheel, a really strong Sun Ringle downhill jumping rim, downhill 13 gauge Wheel Smith spokes and a Shimano XT hub. While the Performance Series 26/29er comes with a custom build heavy duty 36 spoke wheel, a really strong Sun Ringle performance rim, 14 gauge Wheel Smith spokes and a Shimano Deore hub.  Almost all 29er mountain bikes on the market come with only 28 or 32 spoke wheels. Having 36 spokes on these larger wheeled Pack Wheels gives them the extra strength we demand.

Like with our 20-24" version we overbuild the strength of the handcrafted wheel and frame giving the extra reassurance it won’t fail us or others. Being solo hunters/hikers ourselves we are relying on the Pack Wheel to get us in and back off the mountain safely.

Tubeless Ready Tires (Signature Series)
Signature Series 26/27.5+/29er versions of the Pack Wheel come with the highest quality Schwalbe tubeless ready tires. Tubeless ready tires are tougher than non-tubless ready tires, so even if you never run your Pack Wheel tubeless you have an extremely durable tire. Running your Pack Wheel tubeless will lower the Pack Wheels weight around nine ounces from removing the tube and tire liner. Running tubeless also provides absolute superior protection against flats. A bike shop can help you setup your Pack Wheel to run tubeless or using the inexpensive Gorilla Tape Tubeless Conversion has worked very well for us. We have had great success using Gorilla tape, Stans No Tubes 35mm Presta Universal Valve Stems, Panaracer Presta to Schrader Valve Nuts and Stan's tire sealant to get tubeless setup.

The 27.5+ fate tire version comes all setup with the rim tape ready to be set up tubeless, just remove the tube and liner and add some Stans tubeless fluid and a Stans tubeless valve stem.

Going tubeless is not for everyone. There are great benefits to going tubeless but you also have to be vigilant in maintaining your tubeless system. Learn more about why we run tubeless ready tires on our DIY Hunter signature series of 26/29 Pack Wheels.

Pack Wheel 29er On Skyline Axiom Panniers on Pack Wheel 29er and 24 Inch

Pack Wheel 29er with Axiom Cartier DLX panniers and all the gear needed on a pack in mule deer hunt. Using an Alps Commander frame pack secured on top the pack provides a great kick stand off the front of the cart and provides a quick access to strap on items like spotting scopes and day packs etc...

Above is a Pack Wheel 29er with Axiom Randonnee Aero 60 liter panniers. Below is a 24" Pack Wheel with Axiom Cartier DLX 33 liter panniers.


Pack Wheel 29er Deer Hunting Pack Wheel 29er Compared to 24 Inch Version

Hunting with a Pack Wheel 29er game cart.


An X-Large handled 29er next to a 24" Pack Wheel hiking cart.


Pack Wheel 29er Boned Out Mule Deer Pack Wheel 29er Axiom and Meat Panniers

With the large diameter wheel and extra ground clearance, we found hauling all the meat from a boned out mule deer right over chaparral brush to be very easy using a Pack Wheel 29er.


With two pannier mounting bars on each side a mule deer can be boned out and placed in the lightweight Pack Wheel Meat Panniers and the Axiom panniers can ride over top for the trip off the mountain.

27.5+ 3.0" Fat Tire

Pack Wheel Fat Tires Pack Wheel Fat TiresPack Wheels are available with 3.0 inch 27.5+ size fat tires. This wheel has an outside diameter of 29 inches. The tire can be set up tubeless or with a tube and tire liner (please let us know when ordering if you want it setup tubeless). Setup tubeless allows you to go with as little as 13 lbs of tire pressure. When set up tubeless we include a tube with this option for you to place in your emergency kit. Tubeless setup is not for everyone. Stans Notubes fluid needs to be maintained every couple months. This wheel is lighter than our 29er builds.

While this fatter wheel has some benefits it technically is not as strong as our 26 and 29er builds but with all of our wheels they are still extremely strong.  26/29 setups have 36 spokes compared to 32 on this wheel. To compensate for four fewer spokes on 27.5+ wheels we build have the strongest custom cut downhill spokes available. 26/29 setups have double wall tough downhill jumping rims while 27.5+ rims are single wall.



27.5+ Fat Tire Pros

  • Lighter weight than 29er builds
  • Setup tubeless
  • Lower tire pressure giving a softer ride, pushing over obstacles smoother
  • Larger footprint for better braking traction and floatation over mud and sand

27.5+ Fat Tire Cons

  • More expensive than 26 and 29-inch tire options
  • Requires more energy to push through snow as it cuts a wider path in the snow. 29er's are better in the snow and the Rogue 36 is far better in the snow. Unless the snow is hard packed a 29er is better in the snow.
  • Not as strong of wheel - Our other wheels offered have more spokes and stronger rims. These fat wheels are still very tough, just technically not as strong
  • Setup Tubeless - This requires more frequent maintenance

Conclusion: If you are going through a lot of rock gardens the fat tire is more comfortable and bumping over an obstacle is a little softer. Other than this we prefer a 29er and really prefer the Rogue 36.


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