What's does Tubeless Ready tire mean?

On DIY Hunter Signature Series 26/29 models come with premium Schwalbe tubeless ready tires. So what makes these tires so special?

  • First, they work really well at running your Pack Wheel without a tube. This will reduce the weight of the Pack Wheel by around nine ounces by removing the tire liner and tube. Running tubeless is not for everyone as it does require a little setup and more frequent maintenance.
  • Second, these tires have an extra strong sidewall. Tubeless ready tires require a tougher sidewall because if ran tubeless they do not have a tube to help provide strength on the sidewalls.

With the exception of the Bring Your Own Wheel (BYOW) model, all Pack Wheels come with a tire liner and tube, even the DIY Hunter Signature Series that have the tough tubeless ready tires. If you are into mountain biking with a tubeless setup these tires get you one step away from running your Pack Wheel tubeless. If you're not into the technical aspects and extra maintenance of running tubeless you can enjoy your Pack Wheel with an extra assurance that you have a very tough, durable tire.

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