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Pro Package

Pro Package

Brake Lever Option

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This Package is the way to go if you want the best price on an ePack Wheel and the most recommended Accessories that we offer.  We have selected everything you need to get out there and haul like a pro whether its bringning your gear and water into the back country or carrying out your game with ease, the Pro Package will have you covered.  This is the ultimate Pack Wheel package!

The Pro Package includes:

  • Gen 3 ePack with adjustable handles, 14 AH Battery, 27.5" Wheel.
  • Emergency Kit with Emergency Kit Plus Cannister
  • Flat Attack Tire Sealent
  • Pack Can Cannister
  • Pair of Meat Panniers
  • Pair of Gear Panniers
  • Large Accessory Basket
  • Pair of standard Rotopax Mounts
  • Pair of 1 Gallon (white) Rotopax Water Containers
  • Extra ePack Wheel Drive Chain
  • Pack Wheel 2021 Weather Cover

Please see individual product pages to veiw detailed information on each item listed above.  No Substitutions, no additional discount offered above this pricing. Shipment of this Package will include two Pieces.

We are now offering a double brake lever option.  This will allow a brake lever at both hand positions on the handlebar.  Allowing you to engage the brakes without changing grip position.  This helps with control under heavy loads when you may not be able to change your grip position easily depending on the terrain your navigating.  This $150.00 add will include a cable doubler installed on the frame, all extra cabling, an additional brake lever, installed in a fashion that one lever will be available on each grip postion.  This is a option that was requested by some of our guide partners that use their Pack Wheels regularly, and has improved their overall experience. 


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