Frequently Asked Questions


The top speed is 30mph. Of course, this varies depending on your terrain and load. Drive to the conditions.


The 2X2 has a range capability of up to 75mi. Variables such as load, terrain, speed, and wind resistance do influence this.

No – it’s more economical and less straining for the motors to share the load.

Being AWD and weighing in at between 145 to 156 lbs(depending on the model), the 2X2 is very manoeuvrable and easy to handle, even up hill. The low centre of gravity also helps with this. With a load of up to 100kg, it is estimated that the maximum gradient is 25%, however you should always take the drivers abilities and limitations into consideration. Set up a demo with your  local dealer to see how well it works in your environment!

The 2X2 motors are powered independently and are not connected mechanically. Power to both wheels, rather than just one or the other, is most efficient for the battery. It also provides the two-wheel drive the 2X2 is so well known for.

Yes, the 2X2 has front and rear regenerative braking to assist with slowing the bike and reducing brake wear, along with providing some extra charge back into the power supply.

The 2X2 is designed to perform in all types of terrain and can cross through bodies of water such as rivers and streams. However, the water level should not exceed the height of the foot pegs or axels. Evidence of full submersion can void your warranty.

If the motors get fully submerged (particularly when hot) they may take on water. This can prematurely age the internal parts of the motor and would negate your motor warranty.

As with any piece of machinery, salt water will accelerate corrosion. It is important to wash the 2X2 down regularly when using it in salty environments and avoid submerging the motors, keeping any water below the level of the foot pegs.

The 2X2 is designed to have only one person on it, therefore we recommend that only one person rides on the 2X2 at a time. 

In short – no. The seat is fixed in place at 800mm but can be flipped up to allow for the removal of the power supply. 

We recommend you do not exceed your body weight in cargo or ride with over 150kg total. Cargo should be evenly distributed between front and rear. We’ve created some custom UBCO accessories to help you load up your gear.

Yes. The front and rear suspension have adjustable rebound controls that change the rate the suspension re-extends after an impact. They also feature spring preload adjustment to soften or stiffen the suspension. You’ll find instructions and recommendations in the user manual that comes with the bike. 

If you are riding your 2X2 on the road (Adventure and Dual Use models only) you will typically need a driver’s license (check your local licensing requirements). However, if you are using it as an off-road, unregistered vehicle, or riding the off-road 2X2 or 2X2 Work Bike, you likely won’t need a license (but again, check your local laws).

Simply take the documents provided, together with photo ID and a form of payment to your local licensing agency and they will register and license your 2X2 then and there. The 2X2 Work Bike and previous off road models cannot be registered for road use. Don’t forget to register your warranty with us at UBCO.

If your bike is purely for off-road riding, there is no requirement to register your 2X2 for on-road use, however you still need to register your warranty with us at UBCO.

It takes 4 to 6 hours to charge the battery from flat depending on the size (capacity) of the battery (power supply).

A Lithium-ion battery doesn’t suffer from the same charge memory problems as other types of battery, therefore it can be topped up at any time. Charge your power supply fully at least once a month to ensure the health of the power supply (even if you haven’t ridden the bike).  

No you don’t – just plug the provided charger into the charge socket on the power supply (battery) and twist to lock. In saying that, if you want to take the battery out to charge, you can do so. 

The KXH Power Supply has a nominal voltage 50.4V with a maximum voltage of 58V. 

Without getting too technical, an IP rating is shorthand for an Ingress Protection rating – how well something can stand up to the elements. The first digit is protection from particulate ingress (dust). The second digit is protection from moisture ingress (water). So the first 6 denotes full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow (and is the highest on the scale 0-6).  The second 6 denotes protection against powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) of directed water from any direction (with the scale going up to 9). In a nutshell, at IP66 the power supply is environmentally sealed and weatherproof. It can handle the outdoor life! Just don’t submerge it in water. 

If you’re storing your power supply for an extended period, ensure it has between 50% and 90% charge. Storing the power supply with either too full or too low a charge can cause cell damage, reducing the battery life and capacity. Charge your power supply fully at least once a month to ensure the health of the power supply (even if you haven’t ridden the bike). It’s also a good idea to unplug the power cable that connects the power supply to the 2X2 until you’re ready to use it again, if you are storing your power supply in your 2X2.  

Our goal is to establish a product stewardship scheme, whereby we would actively take batteries back and rebate them for a purchase of a new battery and/or recycle them. This will be in line with when we anticipate the first of our batteries reaching the end of their useful lifespans. Currently, there are no lithium recycling facilities in New Zealand. There is one in Australia, but we will be working with our manufacturers to deliver a more circular solution. 

It’s super simple to swap power supplies. Pull out the power plug, undo the strap, lift the seat, and pull the power supply out by the handles. Pop your second power supply in and you are good to go. You can buy replacement power supplies from your local UBCO dealer or through our website. 

Good on you for getting off the grid! The 2X2 is charged via the provided UBCO charger, which can be connected to solar panels. However, the incoming supply needs to be regulated with an inverter and you will need a minimum of 420W solar output.

No, the bike is provided with a wall charger and cannot be charged off a 12V socket.  

While the 2X2 has fewer moving parts than a typical combustion engine vehicle, they still require maintenance and servicing to ensure a continued safe operation. Every 2X2 will need regular servicing and maintenance checks to ensure that the warranty is maintained. You can find details of our recommended servicing schedules in the user manual.

You can do some basic maintenance yourself, such as changing the brake pads. Check out the user manual that comes with the bike to find out what you can do and what’s involved (it’s all pretty simple).

For regular servicing, contact your local UBCO Dealer or Certified Service Agent and they will book you in.

We do not recommend using a high-pressure hose on the 2X2. Just a standard hose and brush should do the job if you keep on top of it regularly! 

Talk to us or contact your local dealer; either one of us will be able to supply you with what you need. 

Our products are currently available in New Zealand, Australia, and the US as well as the UK and some parts of Europe, with other markets coming soon. If you would like to be kept informed about our new markets you can sign up to our newsletter  on the home page.

Electric motors behave very differently than internal combustion engines. The main difference is electric motors achieve maximum torque at low rpm, which is the opposite of an internal combustion engine.  

You can download the UBCO App from your smartphone’s app store. With the App you can control features to customise your ride, view the live dash (important for the Work Bike), and more.  

In order to ruggedise and weatherproof the Work Bike we’ve stripped off all the on-road extras. This is where the UBCO 2X2 App comes in. You can use the live dash view for speedo, battery level, power readings and more.  Download the App from your smartphone’s app store. Most importantly, speedo or no speedo, drive to the conditions and your abilities. 

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