In 2007, We were actively working on an ultra-light single cart to assist us in our solo backcountry archery elk hunts. In 2008, the first working prototype was being put to the test, and was in active and successful use by October of 2009. In 2011, We created a lighter, aluminum prototype, and with some modifications, the Pack Wheel company was born. Since then, we have continued to add different wheel sizes, frame options and improvements to the design.

Below are a few highlights from our companys history.

2007 - The first working Pack Wheel® is made weighing 13 1/2 pounds with a 20-inch wheel. This first prototype the "Meat Cart".

2008 - We continued using the first prototype which was working fantastically. To protect our ideas from potential competitors, we refrained from blogging about the product.

2009 - We finally debuted the first prototype, originally called the Meat Cart.

2009 The single-wheeled game cart prototype is successfully used to haul a spike elk off the mountain.

2010 - Hunting continues in the Uinta mountains with the single-wheeled prototype Pack Wheel game cart.

2011 - The first aluminum-framed Pack Wheel® prototype is put to use on a high country solo muzzleloader mule deer hunt.
As well as elk hunting the Uinta mountains.

2012 - We packed a whole elk off the mountain on a January solo cow elk hunt over 3 miles up the mountain. After the idea is rejected by five companies, we took out a loan to buy equipment to cut and fabricate the aluminum frame on our own. Alterations are made to the Pack Wheel® to make the tires and handle stronger and more durable in the snow.

We launched Pack Wheel® in
May of 2012.

In July of 2012, our first twenty-inch wheeled Pack Wheels were available for purchase on packwheel.com.


2013 - Using the 24-inch wheel on a cow elk hunt in January of 2013, we hauled a cow elk off the mountain with ease. After more testing, we introduced the 24" wheel size to the line.
Our first prototype frame with a 29er wheel was built and it's first real field testing was done on a high country mule deer hunt.

2014 - We introduced the 29er and 26-inch Pack Wheels built on a larger frame design.

2015 -  We began testing a 29er with a motorized hub motor and it proved that although the hub provided some assistance, the operator had to be moving at a pretty good pace to keep up. The motor was geared too high, causing it to bog down and overheat, and using it was also exhausting.

We rebuilt the hub motor on a 20-inch wheel hoping to change out the gear ratio enough so as not to overheat the motor and also slowing down the speed to give increased torque. We found that the motor still ran too fast and overheated, causing the motor to stop functioning for several minutes at a time.
While the motor was providing some assistance, opting not to use a motor felt to be easier since you didn't have to "run" with the Pack Wheel®.
We chose not to pursue the hub motor design and began looking at better options for motorized assistance. 

In 2015 we also prepared for the introduction of the Pull Yoke in 2016.  We tested the concept of having a second person pull from the front on a heavy cow elk pack out. Testing was successful.

2016 - We introduced a plus-size, fat tire at about 12 lbs and the Pack Wheel® Pull Yoke. After years of using 160 mm brake rotors, we switch to 203 mm rotors on our larger wheeled Pack Wheels. The larger rotors provide better braking power, minimizing fatigue for the operator when going downhill.

2017 -  In the summer of 2017, we start offering the new 2018 frame design in the Standard framed Pack Wheels. The new frame design has an improved handle attachment joint with two quick-release levers, a sleeker frame to handle transition design, wider handles offering even great stability, and the handle stem's angle matches the frame for a very nice look when the handle is removed and attached to the side of the frame in a collapsed position. We begin developing a high-torque, walking speed motorized ePack Wheel™ and conduct testing.

2018 - The high torque, walking speed ePack Wheel™ is now available.
With the improved handle design of the 2018 model of Pack Wheel®, we are now able to offer Medium-sized handles for the 29er and 27.5+ Standard frame Pack Wheels.
For improved comfort in climbing, optional Bar Ends are available on new 2018 Pack Wheels models.
Performance Series Pack Wheels had a number of components upgraded.
Our retail store in Salt Lake City officially opens.

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